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  • In a van, heading under a bridge, following a vast network of roadways/highways/bridges.
  • Eventually reach a city/town, enter inside a secluded township area. We enter the "secret dimension" accidentally, but I think we were looking for it anyway. The entrance, to us, "one of them", looks like little wisps of smoke. The event/meeting is a battle royal with other teams/groups across the country.
  • We are early, but we take a long time to look for proper lodgings. We find a lot that are already taken, and many only sell lodgings to groups of certain factions.
  • We stumble upon the butcher's counter. She is a large black woman with short wavy hair. We read the sign, which reads along the lines of "we will not sell if you are in this faction", but she ignores us. Apparently, the sign reads something different in the normal world vs the one we're in, and the fact we're asking about it makes normal people suspicious.
  • The system is like a video game, however, and someone else, a male, has been playing for me. When I take control and want to level up the FMC, she is too weak, and fails to complete battles. The guy tells me, "You should use the main team, instead." I check the other characters (of our team) and they're all level 1, while the MMC and a female and male friend (the "best friends") are all level 6/7. Adamant, I continue to play with the FMC. He says, "How do you normally level up in games? (When you're underlevelled)" I reply, "I go to a weak area and just grind/farm." So that was what I intended to do.
  • There should be a distinct difference between the Female Player, Male Player, the FMC and MMC, and the two best friends who levelled with the MMC.
  • There is mention of an accident that happened the year previous. It was during a camping trip, or some other trip somewhere. The two best friends died, along with their cat, Jewel. The circumstances surrounding it are mysterious, as the Female Player was the only survivor. She has no memory of what happened, and was hospitalized soon after being found.
  • The city has been overturned. Half of it is underwater, yet the trains/subways still work. On the subway platforms, there are "holes" in the walls, rectangle rooms, with blue tarps for privacy. These are some "homes" for people to live in, or at least, take a rest in.
  • The Female Player and Male Player, along with a dark skinned male friend (new!?), occupy the farthest left of these makeshift homes. They share it with nightowls, so that the room is always occupied and relatively "safe" from thieves.
  • Usually the trains move from left to right (heading North), but one day a train comes in that goes right to left (from the North). A bunch of Chinese gangsters unload, and it's revealed this train originally came from China through Russia and Canada.
  • The Chinese gangsters attack Female Player, Male Player, and Friend, claiming the hole they're in is the "usual spot" the gangsters house in. Effectively, they were kicked out of their hole by the gangsters, perhaps brutally.
  • Something about Female Player being in the hospital for a long time, and having been brought out just recently, following an accident that happened the year prior. Vague memories flash through her mind of what actually happened, but it's all a blur.
  • A young man who is she calls "Kevin" helps her down the street, as she is having difficulties walking. He is extremely courteous to her, making sure she is comfortable and such. He does not want to give her difficulties after such a long stay in the hospital. It is implied that the Female Player underwent some sort of physical changes to her body similar to getting artificial limbs, but she is unable to tell if this is true or not.
  • The pair reach the end of the street(?) and weave through a crowd in front of a large, rundown apartment building. The pair enter. Apparently, the friend, "Kevin", is a sort of investigator/detective, and he is supposed to check out this building for theft.
  • The apartment building has no cordoned off rooms; it is literally just a building with a bunch of floors, connected with a staircase. Something has been stolen from the family that lives on the first/ground floor. It is an intangible thing, more of an idea or feeling. Though such a thing would never be considered "theft" in today's world, people's minds and ideas are "real objects" in this world. They can be taken so that their owner has forgotten.
  • he pair try to go further up in the apartment, but there has been a gas leak(or fart?) and are unable to. They exit the building and continue on their way.
  • Eventually they board a boat to cross a large river. As they exit the boat on the other side, "Kevin" is shot in the throat. It is revealed he is not human(?), as there is not much blood, and his skin teared like paper or thin plastic. He is also able to still function, if limitedly.
  • Female Player wants to bring him to the hospital (where they just came from) but "Kevin" does not want to. He does not want to bring Female Player back to "that place" which she just spent a vast majority of time in.
  • Memories of just before the event that happened last year, the "camping trip gone wrong" incident. The three, Female Player, and the two best friends (male, female, engaged) prepare for the trip in Female Player's house. Apparently, the three of them lived together.
  • The appearance of the cat, Jewel, finally happens. He is a slender cat, small, and only a year and a half. His fur is gray, but the tips shine like a rainbow, like a jewel. The trio + cat go camping(?) and something goes wrong. The explicit details aren't there, but something along the lines of "they were attacked" happens. Best friends and their cat end up killed, while Female Player is raped silly. She ends up pregnant and in a coma.
elydesia: " pokemon " (chu !)
[07:51:15] kiwa !! @home: good morning
[07:51:24] Irving Armenta: おはよう
[07:53:38] kiwa !! @home: had some strange dreams last night
[07:53:40] kiwa !! @home: ggggggggggg
[07:53:45] kiwa !! @home: overslept by almost an hour qq
[07:54:02] Irving Armenta: what kind of dreams
[07:54:45] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that I had lice and the lice comb was suuuuuper high tech
[07:54:46] kiwa !! @home: then
[07:55:08] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that my friend was living with me, and my clothes were being hung around the house on strings to dry after washing
[07:55:19] kiwa !! @home: we had breakfast,
[07:55:34] kiwa !! @home: and then there was the sound of a plane outside
[07:56:00] kiwa !! @home: we look, and it's a really old airplane with Japanese on it, like a showplane or something
[07:56:38] kiwa !! @home: but it was firing a machine gun, and this guy in a blue captain's suit came out of nowhere and was like "what are you doing here go hide"
[07:56:40] Irving Armenta: wowwowow
[07:57:10] kiwa !! @home: and suddenly we weren't in my house living room anymore, but our back porch? But it wasn't really our back porch, 'cause it looked really cool and scenic
[07:57:32] kiwa !! @home: and the guy and the Japanese airplane were.. fighting... or something
[07:57:45] kiwa !! @home: but I knew it was all a display, like a performance
[07:58:29] kiwa !! @home: and then the pilot jumped out of his airplane???? and started fighting with the captain with a pirate sword, and then pirates came out of no where
[07:58:51] kiwa !! @home: and then it we were on a pirate ship, and it was pirates fighting the British
[07:59:40] kiwa !! @home: and we were sailing... and the scene looked really pretty, but then the ship was coming to a waterfall! But it was like this was just a scene in a movie
[07:59:52] Irving Armenta: maybe too much talking about conquerors
[07:59:52] kiwa !! @home: and I was an actor in it, but I was watching the film
[08:00:42] kiwa !! @home: before the ship was going over the edge of the waterfall, the scene changed so that uhh, the waterfall and pirate ship weren't outside, but in my kitchen
[08:01:01] kiwa !! @home: really small-like, inside my kitchen
[08:01:27] kiwa !! @home: and as the ship fell over the waterfall, I heard myself say something like "how do you like the film so far?"
[08:02:22] kiwa !! @home: and this lady who was supposed to be my mum answered something like "I wouldn't have even dreamt something like this up, but I have to admit if I didn't just trust you in this film, I wouldn't have liked it. it's... about Peter Pan, right?"
[08:02:50] kiwa !! @home: and then I woke up
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- woman from another realm was prophesied to become the first Peladia the First, a kind of symbol for the kingdom, or priestess. Her name was Sinda, and she was but a girl when she was dragged into this other dimension by the king's wizards.
- some years later, when Sinda has grown into a young adult, the king is assassinated while Sinda was visiting the king. The prince arrives, but too late.
- that night, the prince rapes Sinda, effectively making her his new Queen, and "Peladia the First", but there is no ceremony for her yet. She's never recognized as the Queen, and the prince refuses to be crowned king just yet.
- He screamed and in that scream Sinda ran over to him and wrapped her arms around his shivering frame. He cried and wailed and beat upon his dead father's body. Sinda could not find the right words to say for she had never faced such a great loss, and her heart, too, was grieving. The prince was shouting words of pain, cries of loss, damning the assassin who had gotten away. Then, as if something inside him had snapped, the prince stopped crying and sent all the guards and onlookers away. It was just him and Sinda left in the room, with his father's corpse. "Prince?" she whispered before he pushed her down on the bed, next to where the dead king lay. "What are you doing?" "Be quiet," he shot back as he began to undress her. He raped her and when he were done, she fell asleep while staring into dead, distant eyes.
- in the meantime, Sinda serves her duty as Peladia the First, vanquishing the now oncoming evil demons, with large magical guns made of black metal and a glowing, orange organic power source.
- the prince (and the entire royal family) have a gold/silver/blue theme. Sinda is purple/black/orange.
- Sinda and the prince are in love, they've loved each other since they were children and it was always assumed the prince would marry "Peladia the First" anyway. However, something changed in the prince when his father was murdered. He was easier to enrage, quick to cast judgement, and his overall temperament fluctuated frequently. The only one who could calm him was Sinda, which she often did, fearing his wrath upon the people around them.
- the role of "Peladia the First" was to destroy the oncoming demon armies, which only began after the late king had died. It is only someone with the blood of another dimension that can kill these monsters, and also not be harmed or tainted by their magic.
- it was like this for a few years, when another hunter arrived in the kingdom. He was a tall, strong man who looked rough and was clearly not of refined tastes. He came from the same realm as Sinda, and they bonded over the vague memories of their previous world. He was not welcome at first, as he did not blend in with the kingdom, but once it was found out he had the power of "Peladia the First" he was sent to the castle to meet her and the prince.
- the prince grew jealous towards the hunter. He trusted his beloved Sinda, but he did trust the hunter, and locked him up. Sinda did her best to quell the prince's anger, and he bent his knee to her.
- "Who is to say whether a kingdom should fall or not?" said the hunter. She could hear him spit on the stone floor and his shackles jingle slightly. "I did my best to serve my kingdom, to protect my lady, but it was yet not enough. She was corrupted by those foul creatures and I was forced to slaughter them all as, very quickly, the entire kingdom fell to the taint." Sinda inhaled and was about to speak but paused, hesitant for a moment. "You do not have to comment on my history. I do not wish to hear pity, especially from your lips." "I would not pity you." Without a second to pass the hunter replied, "Then what would you say? Would you berate my folly? I already lump all my mistakes into one and direct my anger and regret into defeating the oncoming threat." "You already understand the mistakes you've made and the regret bites deep into you, hurting you. Yet it is also this regret which fuels your desire for battle. It's not my place to condemn nor praise your efforts; I was not there. I only care about my own kingdom, and whether or not you can fight for it with as much, if not more, valour and determination than your one previous." It was silent for a long time, and then came the jingle of shackles and chains. The hunter emerged from the darkness and stood at the jail cell door. [Sinda is sitting on the floor with her back against the wall beside the hunter's jail cell] "You want me to forsake my old kingdom?" "No," she replied and stood up to face the hunter, only iron bars and chained shackles separating the two, "I'm asking you to fight for your old kingdom, while protecting this one. With me." "That... I can do that."
- though even with united efforts, the prince becomes corrupted. Though the taint only spreads in the castle and the common folk are safe, thanks to the help of the hunter. On the night before storming the castle to free it from corruption, the hunter and Sinda make love as they realize just how much they mean to each other, even if they both love their royal other.
- the following morning before the sun could rise, they enter the castle and cleanse it of impurities. When they reach the prince, Sinda could not make the final blow, and so it befalls to the hunter. Each take a mortal blow.
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too lazy to edit out the fact it's from skype, so I'll just copypasta it here:

two dream-stories here )
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Now that I'm awake, its become a little difficult to recall what order the dream was made in.

The fight probably came first, where the opposing faction were not inherently evil, but rather turned out that way due to certain defects in their test-tube development. Their leader did not care for the defects, so let them do as they pleased.
Now that a new thread has come that we must face together, we join forces. She gives me two attached syringes and calls them a "key", inside the syringes are a kind of serum that takes the user's rage and changes it to strength. I give the key to one of my lieutenants, and the other faction leader comments on how I've chosen her to hold the key, and that I must put a certain amount of trust in her.

Before we head into battle, the dream changes and now we're heading into a cavern. It's a raid in a dungeon. We run across a beam situated just above a pool of lava. We must move at a certain pace or else the overhead lamps will release a black pollen, poisoning us.
At the end of this beam a man stops us, he is the raid boss. He greets us and taunts us before disappearing behind a pair of stone doors.
When we enter past the doors, two tentacle like limbs are flying above us. At the end of each one it seems to be grasping a clear orb. It activates it and electricity starts jumping around within the orbs. We kill the tentacles and pass through another set of stone doors.
We're now situated on a stone balcony overlooking a cavern filled with lava. Three creatures are slowly coming towards us: Horus on the left, an unknown figure in the middle (this is the boss, too tall for us to see his face), and Anubis on the right. There are also some two-meter tall, Anubis-headed minions that drop from above us on the balcony and battle us. Our goal is to defeat all three approaching figures, ideally in the order of Horus, Anubis, and then the boss.

Then the dream changes again.
The first scene that plays in this segment is going down stairs at a subway station. There's been a zombie outbreak, and our team (a group of maybe 7 - 10 people) are clearing a path to our destination: GM place. It's apparently the future of Vancouver and there's been more skytrain and even new subway lines created.
We make it to GM place and start setting up for our race. At around 5pm I make a trip back home for dinner or something. I rush it to the nearest station and am met with vast amounts of people taking the skytrain as opposed to the subway, as it is underground where the zombies have made home. There is a team of five people at the bottom of the staircase set up as guards to make sure no one goes in and no zombies go out.
I want to use the underground, but I'm not allowed. I make a comment on how, just some hours prior I was one of the people who first went through the area cleaning out the zombies. Even so, I'm now in my racing outfit instead of my zombie killing outfit, as well as unarmed except for a trashcan lid.
I take my chances on the skytrain, and end up getting lost among the many stations. I ask many people, "How do I get to GM place?" And then I see an old friend from high school, Ryan. I ask him, and he doesn't really answer me (like how he usually did back in high school). And I follow him into the men's washroom, where I also see a tall blonde woman at the end of the sinks, and another friend from high school, Vicky, sitting below a sink and spraying people with water. I avoid her spray with the trashcan lid. He just stands across from the blonde woman, trying to look cool.
I keep asking Ryan how to get to GM place but finally give up. When I come out of the washroom most of the crowd is gone. I spot a man with a radio headset and a puffy jacket. I ask him how to get to GM place, and he starts talking. He mentions how GM place has been swamped and I shout, "Really?!" And he continues, "Yeah, with that huge recreation area and all. People going there to eat, have dinner. And do all that raiding, too." He says something like that. Before our conversation continues I see Alyssa, another friend from high school, run past and up some stairs and I follow. We're in a large room similar to waterfront station but instead of it having the old architecture, its all modern and high tech. She sits to eat.

And that's about when I wake up. My internal clock told me it was around 8pm-dream time when it ended. I don't know if I ever made it back to the stadium for my race.

I realize I slept for over 12 hours when I woke up! From around 7pm ish to 10am orz
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Starts off taking place on a habitable desert-like exoplanet. It's all sand, sand dunes, with outcrops of rock. It's very hot. There is this man wandering around the planet. His clothing reminds me of Van Helsing crossover with some cowboy. He's one of the first astronauts to visit this planet, to help prepare it for human colonization.
Near the landing zone, one of the astronauts sets up a saloon-style shack. It looks very run down on the outside, but more saloon-ish and high tech inside. There are monitors and cables everywhere contrasting against the wooden tables and chairs and bar and stuff. There is a quick scene where I microwave some cheese pizza here.

The dream changes to present time, maybe only a few years into the future of present. I'm in a computer lab with a lot of old computers dating around 2000-2003, the same kind we used in "computer class" in elementary school. There's even an old mac off in the corner, and one semi-modern computer from my high school days.
All of the computers are not working, they're shut off. I turn on one of the computers in the middle table, and start to create an AI. I watch its readings as it grows and becomes a True AI. It takes on a female personality. Her name is Shelly (or Molly). She has admin access to the whole "network" and is actually the one in control, running everything. We then create a subordinate AI for her who takes on a male personality. I don't remember his name.
Some time later we duplicate Shelly/Molly and send a copy of her on the ship to the aforementioned exoplanet.
It is in this timeframe where I have a conversation with a younger form of the astronaut earlier. We talk about how final it is/would be to travel so deep into space. How if we got sick or an accident occurred, that would be it for us. He mentions how impatient he is to go into space, and how when we finally achieve the means we'll be too old to go. I tell him it is not that far away, to wait until 2070 or 2060. That we will definitely be able to go.

The dream changes to an unknown time period, but style suggests modern time with ancient clothing/architecture. There are these large standing arches situated around the world. With the "key" or "password" spoken, the arches can be activated and you may travel between them. Kind of like teleportation, but their behavior is more like a wormhole. They're connected in a special way, so that you may only travel one way. The few I remember from my dream are located in Hong Kong, somewhere in Canada, somewhere near the Mediterranean coast, and another in Scandinavia. They're attached in that order. You can't travel in reverse.
I'm with people who are my (dream) family near the arch in Hong Kong. The password was "TransAsia" probably because I was reading that plane crash news article the other day. From that one we travelled to the one in Canada, and then to the one in the Mediterranean. I don't remember the password for the Canadian arch.

The arch in the Mediterranean was lost some time ago, and actually, this arch is special. This arch leads you to the "true" wormhole portal, which is hidden somewhere and is always active. There's also a labyrinth between the fake arch and the real portal, and ANOTHER labyrinth on the other side, the one in Scandinavia. The arch (and labyrinth) in Scandinavia is underground, and it's hard to locate unless you know exactly where it is.

There's a scene where it's like a family banquet. This is in the past. There are portraits up on the wall showing the family tree. There's relatively low lighting with skinny windows and an overcast sky outside.
Fastforward some years (present dream time). The head of the family has been murdered/died; he was the only one who knew the password for the Mediterranean arch, AND the correct path for the twin labyrinths. There's some sort of investigation going on, and I'm one of the prime investigators. The two "outsider" children from the banquet are now adult men.
I don't remember quite how the investigation goes on, but there's something about a ghost, and going underground. Like ruins underneath a building.
And there's a family on vacation, who were hoping to go back home through the arch system.

We solve the investigation and locate the password. I forget what it is now. We travel through the arch with the vacationing family.

And then I wake up.
Man, been writing this since 2200 and it's 0530 now zzz
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Just woke up about a half hour ago.
Had this dream about ravens and cats, and a black cloud of enemies coming. Maybe spiders?

I was laying in my bed looking out the window, which went across two walls instead of just one. It still had the bug mesh, though.
A huge, huuuuugggeeee raven landed on the neighbor's roof. It was about the same size as me. I stared at it for a moment, and then it flew through the bug mesh and "killed me" ? But at the same time, I managed to fix its beak. Sewed it back together or something.
And then a whole bunch of ravens were flying around the house, trying to chase away this cougar climbing up the side of my house.

They were talking about preparing for a war, and how they were gathering allies. My cat didn't seem to be attacking them, something about being "the cat belonging to the human who helped me. She died, but the cat is alive. It's a shame, but we could've used her help." Or something along those lines.

And then they left for battle? I don't know, the dream shifted to a marketplace.

So I was standing in the fish part of a store like Superstore or T&T, holding groceries. This part of the dream is kind of hazy. There was stationary in the fish area. One of the products was some sort of limited edition Hello Kitty planner/organizer. Didn't want it at first 'cause I thought it'd be like $114 or something, but when I checked it was only $40! I called my lover? husband? I don't know what role exactly was, but we were together. Something about him being nervous... An image of a sidescroller game like Super Mario flashed through my head very briefly, as I pulled him toward the fish area. He didn't want to be there. He was sick or something.

And then the store went under lockdown 'cause terrorists/spies/thugs were infiltrating. They ran through the front doors, but the first few were trapped in ... traps. My lover and I dropped our groceries and ran down an aisle which turned into an alley. A few thugs were following us. The sidescroller like Super Mario flashed back for a second.

They almost got us but we're secret agents or something, and just one-punched two of the bad guys. We ran around a few blocks and lost them in another alley. We double backed to the marketplace with the fish area. On our way, we ran into the two bad guys we KO'ed earlier, and KO'ed them again!

We magically had groceries in our hands again and we went to the checkout. The lineup layout was a little weird, with chains blocking you from the actual checkouts (you know, those low ones that tell you a checkout is closed?), and had to climb over them to buy our things.
On our way to the checkouts he said something about worrying over paying? And I told him to just give me his wallet and I'd pay.

Dream ends before it's even our turn :c


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