Jan. 28th, 2015

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[07:51:15] kiwa !! @home: good morning
[07:51:24] Irving Armenta: おはよう
[07:53:38] kiwa !! @home: had some strange dreams last night
[07:53:40] kiwa !! @home: ggggggggggg
[07:53:45] kiwa !! @home: overslept by almost an hour qq
[07:54:02] Irving Armenta: what kind of dreams
[07:54:45] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that I had lice and the lice comb was suuuuuper high tech
[07:54:46] kiwa !! @home: then
[07:55:08] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that my friend was living with me, and my clothes were being hung around the house on strings to dry after washing
[07:55:19] kiwa !! @home: we had breakfast,
[07:55:34] kiwa !! @home: and then there was the sound of a plane outside
[07:56:00] kiwa !! @home: we look, and it's a really old airplane with Japanese on it, like a showplane or something
[07:56:38] kiwa !! @home: but it was firing a machine gun, and this guy in a blue captain's suit came out of nowhere and was like "what are you doing here go hide"
[07:56:40] Irving Armenta: wowwowow
[07:57:10] kiwa !! @home: and suddenly we weren't in my house living room anymore, but our back porch? But it wasn't really our back porch, 'cause it looked really cool and scenic
[07:57:32] kiwa !! @home: and the guy and the Japanese airplane were.. fighting... or something
[07:57:45] kiwa !! @home: but I knew it was all a display, like a performance
[07:58:29] kiwa !! @home: and then the pilot jumped out of his airplane???? and started fighting with the captain with a pirate sword, and then pirates came out of no where
[07:58:51] kiwa !! @home: and then it we were on a pirate ship, and it was pirates fighting the British
[07:59:40] kiwa !! @home: and we were sailing... and the scene looked really pretty, but then the ship was coming to a waterfall! But it was like this was just a scene in a movie
[07:59:52] Irving Armenta: maybe too much talking about conquerors
[07:59:52] kiwa !! @home: and I was an actor in it, but I was watching the film
[08:00:42] kiwa !! @home: before the ship was going over the edge of the waterfall, the scene changed so that uhh, the waterfall and pirate ship weren't outside, but in my kitchen
[08:01:01] kiwa !! @home: really small-like, inside my kitchen
[08:01:27] kiwa !! @home: and as the ship fell over the waterfall, I heard myself say something like "how do you like the film so far?"
[08:02:22] kiwa !! @home: and this lady who was supposed to be my mum answered something like "I wouldn't have even dreamt something like this up, but I have to admit if I didn't just trust you in this film, I wouldn't have liked it. it's... about Peter Pan, right?"
[08:02:50] kiwa !! @home: and then I woke up


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