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  • In a van, heading under a bridge, following a vast network of roadways/highways/bridges.
  • Eventually reach a city/town, enter inside a secluded township area. We enter the "secret dimension" accidentally, but I think we were looking for it anyway. The entrance, to us, "one of them", looks like little wisps of smoke. The event/meeting is a battle royal with other teams/groups across the country.
  • We are early, but we take a long time to look for proper lodgings. We find a lot that are already taken, and many only sell lodgings to groups of certain factions.
  • We stumble upon the butcher's counter. She is a large black woman with short wavy hair. We read the sign, which reads along the lines of "we will not sell if you are in this faction", but she ignores us. Apparently, the sign reads something different in the normal world vs the one we're in, and the fact we're asking about it makes normal people suspicious.
  • The system is like a video game, however, and someone else, a male, has been playing for me. When I take control and want to level up the FMC, she is too weak, and fails to complete battles. The guy tells me, "You should use the main team, instead." I check the other characters (of our team) and they're all level 1, while the MMC and a female and male friend (the "best friends") are all level 6/7. Adamant, I continue to play with the FMC. He says, "How do you normally level up in games? (When you're underlevelled)" I reply, "I go to a weak area and just grind/farm." So that was what I intended to do.
  • There should be a distinct difference between the Female Player, Male Player, the FMC and MMC, and the two best friends who levelled with the MMC.
  • There is mention of an accident that happened the year previous. It was during a camping trip, or some other trip somewhere. The two best friends died, along with their cat, Jewel. The circumstances surrounding it are mysterious, as the Female Player was the only survivor. She has no memory of what happened, and was hospitalized soon after being found.
  • The city has been overturned. Half of it is underwater, yet the trains/subways still work. On the subway platforms, there are "holes" in the walls, rectangle rooms, with blue tarps for privacy. These are some "homes" for people to live in, or at least, take a rest in.
  • The Female Player and Male Player, along with a dark skinned male friend (new!?), occupy the farthest left of these makeshift homes. They share it with nightowls, so that the room is always occupied and relatively "safe" from thieves.
  • Usually the trains move from left to right (heading North), but one day a train comes in that goes right to left (from the North). A bunch of Chinese gangsters unload, and it's revealed this train originally came from China through Russia and Canada.
  • The Chinese gangsters attack Female Player, Male Player, and Friend, claiming the hole they're in is the "usual spot" the gangsters house in. Effectively, they were kicked out of their hole by the gangsters, perhaps brutally.
  • Something about Female Player being in the hospital for a long time, and having been brought out just recently, following an accident that happened the year prior. Vague memories flash through her mind of what actually happened, but it's all a blur.
  • A young man who is she calls "Kevin" helps her down the street, as she is having difficulties walking. He is extremely courteous to her, making sure she is comfortable and such. He does not want to give her difficulties after such a long stay in the hospital. It is implied that the Female Player underwent some sort of physical changes to her body similar to getting artificial limbs, but she is unable to tell if this is true or not.
  • The pair reach the end of the street(?) and weave through a crowd in front of a large, rundown apartment building. The pair enter. Apparently, the friend, "Kevin", is a sort of investigator/detective, and he is supposed to check out this building for theft.
  • The apartment building has no cordoned off rooms; it is literally just a building with a bunch of floors, connected with a staircase. Something has been stolen from the family that lives on the first/ground floor. It is an intangible thing, more of an idea or feeling. Though such a thing would never be considered "theft" in today's world, people's minds and ideas are "real objects" in this world. They can be taken so that their owner has forgotten.
  • he pair try to go further up in the apartment, but there has been a gas leak(or fart?) and are unable to. They exit the building and continue on their way.
  • Eventually they board a boat to cross a large river. As they exit the boat on the other side, "Kevin" is shot in the throat. It is revealed he is not human(?), as there is not much blood, and his skin teared like paper or thin plastic. He is also able to still function, if limitedly.
  • Female Player wants to bring him to the hospital (where they just came from) but "Kevin" does not want to. He does not want to bring Female Player back to "that place" which she just spent a vast majority of time in.
  • Memories of just before the event that happened last year, the "camping trip gone wrong" incident. The three, Female Player, and the two best friends (male, female, engaged) prepare for the trip in Female Player's house. Apparently, the three of them lived together.
  • The appearance of the cat, Jewel, finally happens. He is a slender cat, small, and only a year and a half. His fur is gray, but the tips shine like a rainbow, like a jewel. The trio + cat go camping(?) and something goes wrong. The explicit details aren't there, but something along the lines of "they were attacked" happens. Best friends and their cat end up killed, while Female Player is raped silly. She ends up pregnant and in a coma.
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