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2017-03-27 12:21 pm
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❝ 2017 BOOKLIST ❞

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2017-01-16 10:28 pm
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❝ 2016 booklist ❞

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2015-06-19 12:32 am
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birthday: june 29

birthday wishlist 2015

no order, prices are CAD

  • The World of Thedas Vol 2 ($26.48)
  • Sims 4: Get To Work ($39.99)
  • Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff ($9.99)
  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon DLC ($14.99)
  • Cat Keyhole Bra Set ($33.00 USD)

    or you can give money straight into my book fund, using my dad's paypal (message me for it)

    or you can give me art (laughs a lot 'cause no one will do this)

    or you can do something creative and surprise me 100% 'cause I'm terribad at guessing

    or you can give me nothing q u q
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2015-01-28 08:54 am
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❝ 2015 booklist ❞

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2014-02-12 12:50 pm
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❝ 2014 booklist ❞

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2014-01-17 01:48 pm
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excerpt from: sputnik sweetheart (murakami)

I was nervous the first time we made love, which made things awkward. I apologized to her.

"Aren't we polite!" she said. "No need to apologize for everything."

After her shower she threw on a bathrobe, grabbed two beers from the fridge, and handed one to me.

"Are you a good driver?" she asked.

"I just got my license, so I wouldn't say so. Just average."

She smiled. "Same with me. I think I'm pretty good, but my friends don't agree. Which makes me average, too, I suppose. You must know a few people who think they're great drivers, right?"

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"And there must be some who aren't very good."

I nodded. She took a quiet sip of beer and thought about it.

"To a certain extent those kinds of things are inborn. Talent, you could call it. Some people are nimble; others are all thumbs.... Some people are attentive, others aren't. Right?"

Again I nodded.

"OK, consider this. Say you're going to go on a long trip with someone by car. And the two of you will take turns driving. Which type of person would you choose? One who's a good driver but inattentive, or an attentive person who's not such a good driver?"

"Probably the second one," I said.

"Me too," she replied. "What we have here is very similar. Good or bad, nimble or clumsy--those aren't important. What's important is being attentive. Staying calm, being alert to the things around you."

"Alert?" I asked.

She just smiled and didn't say anything.

A while later we made love a second time, and this time it was a smooth, congenial ride. Being alert--I think I was starting to get it. For the first time I saw how a woman reacts in the throes of passion.

I had to quote it because it was absolute genius.

First Vintage International Edition, April 2002
Copywright (c) 2001 by Haruki Murakami

pg.39 - 41
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2013-02-23 05:45 am
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❝ history ❞

When I was a little bird, I was the only one in my class who wanted to be a paleontologist. I didn't have very many friends while growing up; I spent my time outside of school playing either in my backyard or in the house. Usually with things like rocks, stationary, or VHS tapes. I didn't have very many toys, so I often made my own.

During this period, I developed a love of making stories.

Now, I am a writer. Although, I prefer to be called a storyteller.
I did not graduate high school, and I am not currently employed.

However, I study a wide variety of subjects from books and the internet, such as literature (Beat Generation, Romantic movement), space (nebulae, asteroids, constellations), ancient mythology and legends (Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hindu, etc.), design (fashion, interior, web, architectural), sociology (vaguely), cooking (baking, home cooking), history (mostly 19th century), and photography (in practice).

I keep a terrarium with pet pillbugs, and a marimo from Hokkaido in a small jar of water. I really admire Japanese culture, and I love food. There isn't much of a line between gender for me. Although I am a girl, I wish I were a boy a lot of the time.

Someday in the future, I'll be a famous writer of novellas.
And I'll live in Japan!

I'll have two children, a boy and a girl (but Gran says I can't pick and choose), and I'll live in either a small house or an apartment.

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2012-08-23 07:30 am
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❝ challenges ❞

@ [community profile] ethekon

writing challenges moved here.
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2012-08-23 07:18 am
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❝ claims/fanlistings post ❞



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2012-08-23 04:18 am
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Good day! Diary entries and story notes are access only.
Prose and poetry are at [community profile] ethosa. Reply to this post for access; all comments screened, IP logging for anon users.
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Media types
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Dream - when I have vivid dreams I can use for inspiration, I post them under this tag.
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Poetry - poetry I've written. After Feb/10/2014, they can be found at ethosa.
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2011-06-25 12:30 pm
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old links I'd like to bring up again

From my first livejournal account, this is a really, really old booklist.
I keep my current booklist at my listography.
booklist link here

Also, there is this.
It's the small collections of ficlets I wrote for a group of characters I fell in love with a long time ago.
Although it's dead right now, I've been thinking about reviving it, along with another ficlet series.

I'm looking forward to writing things without a serious intent.
Just, as soon as the weather gets a little better...
Cloudy/rainy days don't inspire me to write bright things, and "life.style" is mostly bright, while the other one, "Martian Prince", is mostly romantic.

Can romantic things be considered bright? Or dim? Simmering?
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2009-12-07 09:00 am
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tea bags

There are no bounds we see
Until our limits are met, we'll be unable to excel

Quite a radical change, this pen-to-paper
And we might not just give up

It's so dark out, with crazy-swirling stars
Dive into these black waters
Stained with maroon-colored crimson

Blindly falling as the water changes
No longer is it thick and heavy water
But free and chaotic air

In these breezes of despair
Lights of solitude blind us
Because of this, our savior is gone.

--With love, Reggie the Mouse
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2009-12-02 07:45 pm
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reggie the mouse, from the salvation army

With tasteless mounds we fear great toils
And with bitter sights we forsake the grave
Perhaps, as our minds grow smaller and wiser, so will our souls?

In this enriching betterment, what do we find?
What experience do we gain while only watching?
By watching alone; by repeating the same bad habits,
do we forsake and cancer ourselves?

What sort of mentality is the healthy sort?

We can't clear our minds of all the bitterness, all the resentment
The only cleansing our souls are calm with is crying
By letting out each drop of fake resolve, we extend our life
In years of crying, dozens more will emerge

Quite unkempt hair will take over the mountains
And then the sky will cry, and stars will fall
All the falling humans have done will be worthless
We'll drown in our self-loathing, and our future will plummet

In what games does one hide and play with poppies?
In what game does one slide by with fake masks?

Where does one learn to stop playing childish games?

--With love, Reggie the Mouse