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Edited and uploaded some more sims 3 screenshots!
They look better than the ones of Poe I shared with last time, I promise.

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My journey in Skyrim, through screenshots.
Yes, this is literally all I've done for the past month besides the usual holiday stuff.

Gift post later.

First things first: I have a lot of mods.
You'll probably notice my "mod journey" as well as my Skyrim one (; v ;)7
Secondly, when I first began Skyrim, I was a complete nubcake. Then I started playthrough #2, which I'll note later on.

View the images in a new tab/window to see them photobucket-auto-resized (sorry).
All the mods I've downloaded are available on the Skyrim Nexus.

For now, this is Ceridwen.
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Yep, made a new sims story. This one is titled "Qoo" 'cause there's an empty bottle of Qoo on my desk.

Anyway, this is the beach house, and is the main feature home.
I'll post about the sims themselves later on~

Right click and select "Open Image..." to view fullsize (1024x576).

Main Floor

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Second Floor

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Third Floor/Attic

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This is a new family I made. We have Isaac, Ocean, and Corelle Wave.
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At first, this was just a one floor bar, but when I visited it, I kept finding the lack of actual things to do frustrating. So I expanded the bar to two floors, the second floor having a pool table, a bookcase, a television, and more chairs.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the outside... but that's okay, it's the inside that counts ; u ;
I'll be updating this post with more photos on a later date.

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