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bad decisions sometimes lead to great stories and adventures. people who make smart choices all the time, people who always mentally weigh the risks before committing to action, and people who are a bit more cultured or intelligent who know other people and have listened to the advice of others so thus have a broader general knowledge to base decisions on: they won't always have the wild, adventurous, and sometimes regretful travels or adventures. but that doesn't bother them--they have different stories to tell, that amuses them all the same as the wild ones.


Jan. 19th, 2015 10:10 pm
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so this happened

[22:03:32] kiwa !!: Juan said this

[22:02:32] Juan: i come back and
[22:02:34] Juan: yall are talking about
[22:02:36] Juan: decapitating men
[22:02:39] Juan: and lust
[22:02:43] Juan: and im like
[22:02:54] Juan:

[22:04:16] Chris: that gif applys so well so often
[22:04:26] Yumi [ゆみ]: laughs
[22:04:40] kiwa !!: applies to THIS ROOM so well
[22:04:41] kiwa !!: so often
[22:04:56] kiwa !!: laughging so hard
[22:04:57] kiwa !!: dad's like
[22:05:03] kiwa !!:
"i thought you were going to bed soon"
[22:05:23] kiwa !!: okay brushing now brb
[22:05:43] Chris: https://i.4cdn.org/v/1421725526106.jpg lol
[22:05:46] Yumi [ゆみ]: laughs
[22:05:48] Yumi [ゆみ]: k go brush
[22:10:15] Juan: too bad i dont actually have pizza for yall
[22:10:19] kiwa !!: okay
[22:10:20] kiwa !!: I swear
[22:10:23] kiwa !!: I left this room laughing
[22:10:30] kiwa !!: laughed all the way thtrough brushing
[22:10:34] kiwa !!: and I've come back, laughing
[22:10:48] Lo0p: Cuz we all ahmazing

[22:33:49] Chris: http://static1.businessinsider.com/image/4c1bad127f8b9a4e5ce50000/cnbc.jpg
[22:35:22] kiwa !!: Chris
[22:35:23] kiwa !!: you're
[22:35:25] kiwa !!: deathing me
[22:36:12] Juan: is that even a verb
[22:36:13] Juan: deathing
[22:36:25] kiwa !!: well, juan
[22:36:26] kiwa !!: it is
[22:36:26] kiwa !!: now
[22:36:43] Juan: so can i do this
[22:37:07] Juan: Pizzaing: the act of walking into a chaotic room while holding three boxes of pizza.
[22:37:11] Chris: dont even do that juan more time
[22:37:24] Lo0p: Im ordering death for juan please


Apr. 11th, 2014 05:25 am
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So I had this dream the other night.
First, it was about ghosts. A purple forest at night, in the snow, near a beach. These spirits try to lead me astray, to kill me. But they don't win.

Scene changes to atop a building, during a purple sunset. The building is white, tall, and sits in an abandoned city. Greenery all around. A girl and another creature are fighting on this landscape, and when they reach this building, they stop for a brief moment to agree on the beginning of something.

Then we're at my old high school, and this woman and a man with long red flaming hair are here. She has glasses, and her hair is in a bun. He has the special ability to "blend" with someone to become a monster kind of thing.
These two people came to this school to "save" a girl, who's forgotten about everything. The same girl from atop the building in the previous scene. They enter the school, and find the girl in the mini school hallway. The man grabs her and blends with her, creating a kind of creature. Naked, genderless, and with long, long hair that drapes around the body and serves as both a weapon and a shield.
The method of which he blends with her, is he grabs her, holds her to his body, and then his black leathery/plasticy wrappings cover their bodies. And then he slits where the "throat" would be.

After their first blending, they separate and she passes out. He apologizes for "not coming sooner", and they attempt to flee. But the police are there, and while they escape, the dad shows up. He is handed a laser cannon, and they run out the front doors. It's night time.

Something about 75/72 hours, they will have the laser cannon.

And I wake up.

On another note, I have not cleared up any of the relationship issues I've incurred over the past month.
yeah i'm a piece of shit so what.
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This is a diary entry, but it's public for the lyrics. (Don't want to post separately)

When tane san and ZERO san sang ア・リ・ア last year, I fell in love. As usual, I hyped up to look for the lyrics to the very beautiful song... although, I ended up empty handed. I consider it rare for me to not find what I'm looking for on the internet. Since it is so vast, all you need are the right keywords to look for, right?

So, without lyrics, I was unable to sing along. I can't read kanji, so I hummed along pathetically for the first couple hours. And then, I decided to make my own lyrics.

By transcribing the Japanese in the video, and listening to what they sang.

Last year, I had gotten a mere two stanzas and chorus into the song (two minutes) when I had given up. My lack of knowledge made the task of transcribing very annoying, as I would have to look up nearly every kanji I encountered, and I didn't know how to separate words. I saved the file and tucked it in my 'lyrics' folder.

Just the other day, ZERO san had a nama where one of the requests was to sing ア・リ・ア. He sang it, albeit the original version (he and tane san sang the piano version last year). When he came to the parts where I had not completed, a sudden determination came over me to TRANSCRIBE IT. RIGHT THERE AND THEN. And I did.

After his namahousou, I quickly found the video and continued to transcribe the lyrics. By now, the lyrics are probably already written and out there somewhere. But, this was like a challenge to me. And I gladly continued the task.

When I began, I noticed how easy it was. I was able to read a couple sentences on my own, without help from the radical dictionary. My knowledge of sentence structure greatly improved, and I was able to (hopefully) separate the romaji words correctly. Yeeessss, this is a project COMPLETED!!

Also, a huge difference is in the support I had/have. While last year, no one would have helped me with the kanji even the dictionary was having a difficult time with. This year, almost exactly one year later, I can post the image of the kanji (in that weird font) and I GET HELP!

I'm very thankful to Ryoukun, Chiichan, and Saawinn for the help with kanji recognition ❤(◡‿◡.)

Now, on with the lyrics.

ア・リ・ア kanji + romaji lyrics )

On a side note, I have teamed up with Saawinn to create an English translation (he's doing most of the translating, though...)
I'm not making "transcribing lyrics" any hobby. No, never again. This was too much trouble orz
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This is just a first entry, so it doesn't look as lonely.

I'm about to treat my grandfather to a mall visit, so I'll be leaving... very soon.
I'm still getting dressed.

I am working on my writing homework, and now some prompts, too♥
Hopefully, I'll be able to fill this journal with writing, icons, and ... some endless rambles.

Thank you (:
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Soooo excited for Pokemon Black & White to come out this spring!

For English homework we were assigned a short story, due Thursday with a minimum of 500 words. I am so glad this was assigned, I feel like this is my chance to show what kind of writer I am. I mean, yeah, we had to submit that autobiographical essay a few weeks ago... but that was nonfiction! My worst writing! Fiction is where I'm at 8D
I'm deciding to make it an AU spinoff of the ongoing title "candylace", so far called "candylace: alternative". I kind of like putting them in "not scary" situations, where they can let their happiness flourish. I might make a small spinoff series of the "candylace" cast set in a "happy" AU with each short story/chapter being a holiday in their grade 12 schoolyear. Of course their final "holiday" being their graduation and eventual parting.

My weekend was a fun but also busty one. Had two turkey dinners, one a Mum's and another, tonight, at Grama's. Tonight's was a little more filling, but only because there was Brussels sprouts and pumpkin pie&ice cream after. Oh! and ham.

I'm feeling really eager right now, so I'ma post what I have so far of my homework:

candylace: alternative )

For Halloween this year, I'ma be the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland", except I'm the evil double. I eat flesh and dress in gothic clothing. Yeahhhh.

And, I have a shopping list:
  • Pocari Sweat
  • more tea!
  • tea cookies
  • new legwarmers
  • rainboots
  • drinks for school (soymilk box)
  • food!

That's all. Have a great night, I wake up in five hours. Light out!
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The following piece is my homework from about a month or so ago. Maybe two. The assignment was to write a letter to a friend or loved one as if you were at a training camp in Canada, training for the Great War (WWI). I write as a 24 year old man named Leonardo S. March. He has a girl of interest, Amelia, and two siblings, Julia and Johnny. At this camp, he meets and befriends a frail young lad named Gilbert. I’ve tried to hint at Gilbert being female, and also that Gil and Leo are practically inseparable, but I’m not sure how well I accomplished that.

all about a gilbert )


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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'”
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