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bad decisions sometimes lead to great stories and adventures. people who make smart choices all the time, people who always mentally weigh the risks before committing to action, and people who are a bit more cultured or intelligent who know other people and have listened to the advice of others so thus have a broader general knowledge to base decisions on: they won't always have the wild, adventurous, and sometimes regretful travels or adventures. but that doesn't bother them--they have different stories to tell, that amuses them all the same as the wild ones.
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[07:51:15] kiwa !! @home: good morning
[07:51:24] Irving Armenta: おはよう
[07:53:38] kiwa !! @home: had some strange dreams last night
[07:53:40] kiwa !! @home: ggggggggggg
[07:53:45] kiwa !! @home: overslept by almost an hour qq
[07:54:02] Irving Armenta: what kind of dreams
[07:54:45] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that I had lice and the lice comb was suuuuuper high tech
[07:54:46] kiwa !! @home: then
[07:55:08] kiwa !! @home: dreamt that my friend was living with me, and my clothes were being hung around the house on strings to dry after washing
[07:55:19] kiwa !! @home: we had breakfast,
[07:55:34] kiwa !! @home: and then there was the sound of a plane outside
[07:56:00] kiwa !! @home: we look, and it's a really old airplane with Japanese on it, like a showplane or something
[07:56:38] kiwa !! @home: but it was firing a machine gun, and this guy in a blue captain's suit came out of nowhere and was like "what are you doing here go hide"
[07:56:40] Irving Armenta: wowwowow
[07:57:10] kiwa !! @home: and suddenly we weren't in my house living room anymore, but our back porch? But it wasn't really our back porch, 'cause it looked really cool and scenic
[07:57:32] kiwa !! @home: and the guy and the Japanese airplane were.. fighting... or something
[07:57:45] kiwa !! @home: but I knew it was all a display, like a performance
[07:58:29] kiwa !! @home: and then the pilot jumped out of his airplane???? and started fighting with the captain with a pirate sword, and then pirates came out of no where
[07:58:51] kiwa !! @home: and then it we were on a pirate ship, and it was pirates fighting the British
[07:59:40] kiwa !! @home: and we were sailing... and the scene looked really pretty, but then the ship was coming to a waterfall! But it was like this was just a scene in a movie
[07:59:52] Irving Armenta: maybe too much talking about conquerors
[07:59:52] kiwa !! @home: and I was an actor in it, but I was watching the film
[08:00:42] kiwa !! @home: before the ship was going over the edge of the waterfall, the scene changed so that uhh, the waterfall and pirate ship weren't outside, but in my kitchen
[08:01:01] kiwa !! @home: really small-like, inside my kitchen
[08:01:27] kiwa !! @home: and as the ship fell over the waterfall, I heard myself say something like "how do you like the film so far?"
[08:02:22] kiwa !! @home: and this lady who was supposed to be my mum answered something like "I wouldn't have even dreamt something like this up, but I have to admit if I didn't just trust you in this film, I wouldn't have liked it. it's... about Peter Pan, right?"
[08:02:50] kiwa !! @home: and then I woke up


Jan. 19th, 2015 10:10 pm
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so this happened

[22:03:32] kiwa !!: Juan said this

[22:02:32] Juan: i come back and
[22:02:34] Juan: yall are talking about
[22:02:36] Juan: decapitating men
[22:02:39] Juan: and lust
[22:02:43] Juan: and im like
[22:02:54] Juan:

[22:04:16] Chris: that gif applys so well so often
[22:04:26] Yumi [ゆみ]: laughs
[22:04:40] kiwa !!: applies to THIS ROOM so well
[22:04:41] kiwa !!: so often
[22:04:56] kiwa !!: laughging so hard
[22:04:57] kiwa !!: dad's like
[22:05:03] kiwa !!:
"i thought you were going to bed soon"
[22:05:23] kiwa !!: okay brushing now brb
[22:05:43] Chris: https://i.4cdn.org/v/1421725526106.jpg lol
[22:05:46] Yumi [ゆみ]: laughs
[22:05:48] Yumi [ゆみ]: k go brush
[22:10:15] Juan: too bad i dont actually have pizza for yall
[22:10:19] kiwa !!: okay
[22:10:20] kiwa !!: I swear
[22:10:23] kiwa !!: I left this room laughing
[22:10:30] kiwa !!: laughed all the way thtrough brushing
[22:10:34] kiwa !!: and I've come back, laughing
[22:10:48] Lo0p: Cuz we all ahmazing

[22:33:49] Chris: http://static1.businessinsider.com/image/4c1bad127f8b9a4e5ce50000/cnbc.jpg
[22:35:22] kiwa !!: Chris
[22:35:23] kiwa !!: you're
[22:35:25] kiwa !!: deathing me
[22:36:12] Juan: is that even a verb
[22:36:13] Juan: deathing
[22:36:25] kiwa !!: well, juan
[22:36:26] kiwa !!: it is
[22:36:26] kiwa !!: now
[22:36:43] Juan: so can i do this
[22:37:07] Juan: Pizzaing: the act of walking into a chaotic room while holding three boxes of pizza.
[22:37:11] Chris: dont even do that juan more time
[22:37:24] Lo0p: Im ordering death for juan please
elydesia: " casshern sins " (casshern ; standard)

Song/Lyrics by kasochiDM

真夜中過ぎて 思い出に耽って
ふと気が付けば そっと太陽は昇ってた

mayonakasugite omoide ni fukete
futokigatukeba sotto taiyou ha nobetteta

部屋の隅っこで 計画を広げて
家に着くなり 孤独の海に飛び込む

heya no sumikkode keikaku wo hirogete
ieko tsukunari kodoku no umi ni tobikomu

僕らはいつでも 遊びたい
拙いばかりに 言えない

bokura ha itumdemo asobitai
tutanai bakari ni ienai
sunao na kimochi de ierunara

世慣れるごとに 目的を忘れて
恐れた僕は このクラウドに逃げ込む

yonareru goto ni mokuteki wo wasurete
osoreta boku ha kono KURAUDO ni nikekomu

嫌い 嫌いだ

nagekaketa ketoba ni
honnou ga kurumade
matudake no jikan ga
kirai kiraida


ichido aumasenka
mani auteimasuka


muda hitotunai you ni ikirunoga
honto ha ichiban mudadatte
kizuita tokiniha asosugite

辛い 辛いな

darumasan koronda
furikaeba soko ni
mou daremo inakute
turai turaina


mou ii yo no koe ha
osora kara?

as per usual, word separating isn't perfect, and I switch between ha/wa and tsu/tu.
meant for singing.
elydesia: " pikyuan " (pikuyan cool)
- woman from another realm was prophesied to become the first Peladia the First, a kind of symbol for the kingdom, or priestess. Her name was Sinda, and she was but a girl when she was dragged into this other dimension by the king's wizards.
- some years later, when Sinda has grown into a young adult, the king is assassinated while Sinda was visiting the king. The prince arrives, but too late.
- that night, the prince rapes Sinda, effectively making her his new Queen, and "Peladia the First", but there is no ceremony for her yet. She's never recognized as the Queen, and the prince refuses to be crowned king just yet.
- He screamed and in that scream Sinda ran over to him and wrapped her arms around his shivering frame. He cried and wailed and beat upon his dead father's body. Sinda could not find the right words to say for she had never faced such a great loss, and her heart, too, was grieving. The prince was shouting words of pain, cries of loss, damning the assassin who had gotten away. Then, as if something inside him had snapped, the prince stopped crying and sent all the guards and onlookers away. It was just him and Sinda left in the room, with his father's corpse. "Prince?" she whispered before he pushed her down on the bed, next to where the dead king lay. "What are you doing?" "Be quiet," he shot back as he began to undress her. He raped her and when he were done, she fell asleep while staring into dead, distant eyes.
- in the meantime, Sinda serves her duty as Peladia the First, vanquishing the now oncoming evil demons, with large magical guns made of black metal and a glowing, orange organic power source.
- the prince (and the entire royal family) have a gold/silver/blue theme. Sinda is purple/black/orange.
- Sinda and the prince are in love, they've loved each other since they were children and it was always assumed the prince would marry "Peladia the First" anyway. However, something changed in the prince when his father was murdered. He was easier to enrage, quick to cast judgement, and his overall temperament fluctuated frequently. The only one who could calm him was Sinda, which she often did, fearing his wrath upon the people around them.
- the role of "Peladia the First" was to destroy the oncoming demon armies, which only began after the late king had died. It is only someone with the blood of another dimension that can kill these monsters, and also not be harmed or tainted by their magic.
- it was like this for a few years, when another hunter arrived in the kingdom. He was a tall, strong man who looked rough and was clearly not of refined tastes. He came from the same realm as Sinda, and they bonded over the vague memories of their previous world. He was not welcome at first, as he did not blend in with the kingdom, but once it was found out he had the power of "Peladia the First" he was sent to the castle to meet her and the prince.
- the prince grew jealous towards the hunter. He trusted his beloved Sinda, but he did trust the hunter, and locked him up. Sinda did her best to quell the prince's anger, and he bent his knee to her.
- "Who is to say whether a kingdom should fall or not?" said the hunter. She could hear him spit on the stone floor and his shackles jingle slightly. "I did my best to serve my kingdom, to protect my lady, but it was yet not enough. She was corrupted by those foul creatures and I was forced to slaughter them all as, very quickly, the entire kingdom fell to the taint." Sinda inhaled and was about to speak but paused, hesitant for a moment. "You do not have to comment on my history. I do not wish to hear pity, especially from your lips." "I would not pity you." Without a second to pass the hunter replied, "Then what would you say? Would you berate my folly? I already lump all my mistakes into one and direct my anger and regret into defeating the oncoming threat." "You already understand the mistakes you've made and the regret bites deep into you, hurting you. Yet it is also this regret which fuels your desire for battle. It's not my place to condemn nor praise your efforts; I was not there. I only care about my own kingdom, and whether or not you can fight for it with as much, if not more, valour and determination than your one previous." It was silent for a long time, and then came the jingle of shackles and chains. The hunter emerged from the darkness and stood at the jail cell door. [Sinda is sitting on the floor with her back against the wall beside the hunter's jail cell] "You want me to forsake my old kingdom?" "No," she replied and stood up to face the hunter, only iron bars and chained shackles separating the two, "I'm asking you to fight for your old kingdom, while protecting this one. With me." "That... I can do that."
- though even with united efforts, the prince becomes corrupted. Though the taint only spreads in the castle and the common folk are safe, thanks to the help of the hunter. On the night before storming the castle to free it from corruption, the hunter and Sinda make love as they realize just how much they mean to each other, even if they both love their royal other.
- the following morning before the sun could rise, they enter the castle and cleanse it of impurities. When they reach the prince, Sinda could not make the final blow, and so it befalls to the hunter. Each take a mortal blow.


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