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Good day! Diary entries and story notes are access only.
Prose and poetry are at [community profile] ethosa. Reply to this post for access; all comments screened, IP logging for anon users.
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Tag Explanation

Media types
BL - Boy love. For the stories that are specifically about relationships between boys/men.
Booklist - list of books I've read, categorized by year.
Diary - these posts are my journal/diary posts. They are about my personal life.
Dream - when I have vivid dreams I can use for inspiration, I post them under this tag.
Magazine - my personal magazine releases.
Poetry - poetry I've written. After Feb/10/2014, they can be found at ethosa.
Screenshot - posts with screenshots! Mostly gaming.
Story - both completed and incomplete/chaptered stories. After Feb/10/2014, they can be found at ethosa.
Visual novel - visual novel releases.


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