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I've started an otome visual novel project, currently titled, "Project Perfection."
we are currently looking for people to come work with us.

Team members are allowed to put this visual novel in their portfolio. As for cost, I plan to have a pricing meeting over skype once we have a full team of core members. By my own suggestion, however, the game should either be free or be $10 :9

Please read this: 01 General_Overview.txt

Currently Hiring
☆ colorist x2
☆ programmer(s)
☆ UI designer AND/OR illustrator
☆ BG designer AND/OR illustrator
project manager OR assistant

* note: colorists must be able to convincingly duplicate Konoe's coloring style, and willing enough to be directed by her.
* note: UI and BG need to be designed and drawn. One person can do both jobs, or one person can do either job to lessen the workload (but I do prefer to not have a huge amount of people)

Currently on Team
✈ randomanonym (Randy) [project manager]

✈ Konoe (コノエ) [character design director] [illustrator]
NicoNicoDouga JP Community
YouTube | PVs she has drawn for
Drawing process (Only viewable with nicovideo.jp account)
Pixiv Account (Art only viewable with account)

✈ Kamilo [BGM composer]
(samples given once accepted)

✈ kiwa [scenario writer] [scriptwriter] [project manager's assistant]
Writing Tumblr (the original STORY version of this otome is also here)

There is no "application" form to fill out. Just send me a PM, or a comment (all comments screened). In your message, please tell me which position you would like, and a link to your online portfolio. If you don't have one, you can just send a link of your best work. I should reply within 24 hours.

This is a very ambitious project, so please do not apply if you are not committed.

Just contact me if you need anything, or have any questions.


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