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Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé
039. Sugar

Afternoon sun drifted through the blinds like they do klep in an easy ocean, the wind dancing with the blinds, slow and trance-like.

A soft drift of coffee scent intruded through the high open window and cascaded throughout the cream-tinted loft, warmness evaporating into the room. A gentle breeze breathed across white linen and onto the pale, bare skin, completely fresh and plump to the world.

Marina's bright eyes hazily opened to the light. She stretched out lazily, lifting the large duvet and flopping it onto the carpet floor. When she sat up she glanced around the upper level of the loft. Noticing it was halfway past noon, she got out of bed and climbed down the stairs to the kitchen, where a cold and fully cooked breakfast was splayed out on the small breakfast table.

Her thoughts instantly went to Eliot, and she smiled. This was something out of the ordinary for him, but was sweet, so she thought nothing of it. She heated up the food with the thought of how to thank him in her mind. Oh, but he would probably get embarrassed and get mad at her.

Just as Marina sat down the front door opened and in strutted Eliot, in full business attire and carrying his black briefcase.

When he saw her sitting casually at the table he raged.

"Why are you eating this now? Why aren't you making me lunch? Don't you have to go grocery shopping?"

Stunned, Marina immediately stood and ran to him, her face red and embarrassed. "Eliot? I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Eliot! I had no idea you were coming home for lunch!" He walked past her and to the dinning table. She followed.

"Are you going to prepare something? If you don't, I'll have to eat what I made you." He gave her a threatening glare and she nodded her head.

Marina knew Eliot didn't want to eat the food he head carefully prepared for her, but to even make that kind of comment in the first place...

"Did you eat this morning?" she asked as she took out some cabbage and then poured a cup of coffee.

She gave him the coffee as he said, "No. After making your breakfast, I didn't have time to make myself something."

"I'm sorry! I'll make something right away!" And she began to make food.


At the end of the meal and both were full, Eliot stood up. Marina looked up at him with a confused face. He climbed the stairs as she watched.

The sound of him falling on the soft bed mad her stand. There was silence.

"Aren't you going to clean up?" Marina jumped at the sudden sound. She smiled as she loaded the dishes in the sinks, filled the other with water and started washing them.

Soft sounds of porcelain on porcelain, carefully handled with soft, pale hands.

When the last dish was put on the rack and Marina was drying her hands, Eliot spoke again:

"Are you not coming to bed?" Once more she was surprised, but gladly climbed the stairs. Eliot was lying underneath the sheets she had just emerged from.

"Eliot?" He reached out to her with a strong arm and pulled her on top of him, wrapping an arm around her small waist; she did the same, holding his firm body within her small arms.

"Sleep," was all he said, but then she started to refuse.

"Ah! Don't you have to return to work? I just woke up! I have to go grocery shopping before the market closes!"

Eliot's grip tightened. "Sleep." This time it sounded like a command. She had a small blush on her cheeks and a smile on her lips as she nuzzled her head into Eliot's chest.



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