Sep. 2nd, 2012

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This is a diary entry, but it's public for the lyrics. (Don't want to post separately)

When tane san and ZERO san sang ア・リ・ア last year, I fell in love. As usual, I hyped up to look for the lyrics to the very beautiful song... although, I ended up empty handed. I consider it rare for me to not find what I'm looking for on the internet. Since it is so vast, all you need are the right keywords to look for, right?

So, without lyrics, I was unable to sing along. I can't read kanji, so I hummed along pathetically for the first couple hours. And then, I decided to make my own lyrics.

By transcribing the Japanese in the video, and listening to what they sang.

Last year, I had gotten a mere two stanzas and chorus into the song (two minutes) when I had given up. My lack of knowledge made the task of transcribing very annoying, as I would have to look up nearly every kanji I encountered, and I didn't know how to separate words. I saved the file and tucked it in my 'lyrics' folder.

Just the other day, ZERO san had a nama where one of the requests was to sing ア・リ・ア. He sang it, albeit the original version (he and tane san sang the piano version last year). When he came to the parts where I had not completed, a sudden determination came over me to TRANSCRIBE IT. RIGHT THERE AND THEN. And I did.

After his namahousou, I quickly found the video and continued to transcribe the lyrics. By now, the lyrics are probably already written and out there somewhere. But, this was like a challenge to me. And I gladly continued the task.

When I began, I noticed how easy it was. I was able to read a couple sentences on my own, without help from the radical dictionary. My knowledge of sentence structure greatly improved, and I was able to (hopefully) separate the romaji words correctly. Yeeessss, this is a project COMPLETED!!

Also, a huge difference is in the support I had/have. While last year, no one would have helped me with the kanji even the dictionary was having a difficult time with. This year, almost exactly one year later, I can post the image of the kanji (in that weird font) and I GET HELP!

I'm very thankful to Ryoukun, Chiichan, and Saawinn for the help with kanji recognition ❤(◡‿◡.)

Now, on with the lyrics.

ア・リ・ア kanji + romaji lyrics )

On a side note, I have teamed up with Saawinn to create an English translation (he's doing most of the translating, though...)
I'm not making "transcribing lyrics" any hobby. No, never again. This was too much trouble orz


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