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Title: Bathroom Blood
Author: kiwachou [personal profile] elydesia
Fandom: Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé (original)
Characters: Eliot Groussé/Marina C. Groussé
Prompt: 005. Glass
Word Count: 497
Rating: Teen
Summary: Marina slipped and fell after getting out of the shower.
Notes: Marina's blood! And she's naked! 2013 edition.

Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé
005. Glass

Everything was clean; crystal clear and pristine. White, porcelain. But there was a loud crash and an outcry as, first, everything went red, then black.

Loud footsteps bounded up the stairs to the second landing of the flat, then to the washroom. Eliot swung open the door, cracking the wood against the metal bar where towels hung.

Marina was crouched on the bloody floor with an arm sliced, a giant gash on her back, and a large lump on her forehead, already starting to turn purple. She looked up at him with a sad smile, her fluffy-white towel loosely regarded around her legs and waist area. Her bare skin was wet from the shower, her hair hung from her head in tendrils. The shower door glass was shattered, water spraying across the small bathroom and diluting the blood.

Eliot didn't speak aloud, he said it all in his head. He left the bathroom and closed the door. He grabbed his cell phone from the bedside table and immediately called for an ambulance. He spoke with a calm voice without any trace of panic.

He finished quickly, tossing the phone on the soft white bed. Eliot turned around and headed back to the bathroom. The aspects of blood and a hurt Marina reminded him of the time he picked her up on a road outside Paris. He clenched his fists and grit his teeth.

When he opened the bathroom door Marina was trying to stand and had covered herself up with the damp, bloodstained towel. With fluid movements, he grabbed a few more towels and closed the gap between them. Eliot lifted her up and viciously pulled the towel from her before sitting her up on the bathroom counter. "Stay still," he said.

“Don't use those towels to clean me up, they'll get dirty,” she said, but Eliot didn't care. He didn't even stop to listen as he started dabbing and putting pressure on her bleeding parts. She winced and let out a small cry.

No more than five minutes had passed when the ambulance arrived and by then Marina was starting to feel dizzy, streams of her blood on the tiled floor. All the while, Eliot and Marine both remained calm. Eliot was calm because he had trust in the emergency system to be fast. Marina was calm because she had trust in her husband.

Eliot had the sort of authority where if he said something, others usually agreed. So if he was calm and told her she was going to be all right, of course she would believe him. He had good reasons to believe what he did, and though she didn't know what they were, it was good enough for her. He was her idol, best friend, and husband. She loved him, respected him, adored him.

Paramedics assessed the situation and scooped Marina away to the ambulance. Eliot stayed behind to clean up the mess. The bathroom was full of his wife's blood and her clumsiness. Glass.


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