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Title: untitled.
Author: kiwachou [personal profile] elydesia
Fandom: Original - Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé
Characters: Eliot Groussé/Marina C. Groussé
Prompt: 019. Control
Word Count: 786
Rating: General
Summary: Marina has gone missing; Eliot looses control.
Notes: Originally written 2011年04月29日・05月02日 (link here). 2013 edited. I only know basic French words. In constant edit. Done.

Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé
019. Control

It was 3AM. Eliot sat on the couch on the main floor watching television, but not really watching. In his hand was a small, wallet-sized photo of his wife, Marina.

The whole flat was dark, the only light coming from the TV and the bedside lamp on the second floor. Eliot's eyes were wide open and glaring; he was glaring at the photo of Marina.

Wondering where she could be at such an hour, he leaned back on the couch. Angry and frustrated, he leaned forward and stood. Frustrated as he was with Marina's friends for loosing sight of her, he couldn't bring himself to speak with them. He disliked them enough already; berating them was unnecessary.

His cellphone rang and he was quick to answer. "Hello?" he said, his voice hoarse, "Eliot speaking."

"Good morning, M. Groussé, it's chief of police, Ainsley." Eliot's face scrunched up as if smelling something putrid.

"Ainsley? Do you know where Marina is, yet?"

"Now, Monsieur--"

"You do don't you? Tell me!" His voice rose and and his fist tightened. Eliot was starting to get hysterical. He had lost control at last. Marina was gone for nine hours without notice.

"Calm down, Groussé. You're losing it--"

"Ainsley! Don't start telling me I've lost it! I... Marina-- If I don't know where... Ainsley, I can't." Eliot choked on his words and tripped over his thoughts as his mind wandered into a dark place all on its own.

Ainsley sighed. "I know, Groussé, but this has happened before; just calm down. All of our best have been looking for her ever since you first called us."

"She was only going shopping, she was only getting dinner."

"Oui, oui. I only called to update you on--" Ainsley was suddenly interrupted by an officer in the background:

"Sir, we found her." At that exact moment Eliot dropped the phone and grabbed his keys.

Minutes later, Eliot staggered into he police station. A red-faced officer waved a speeding ticket as he followed after him.

From the entrance Eliot could see Marina sitting in Ainsley's office. The police chief was hovering over her with a furrowed brow and a deep set frown on his lips. They were talking about something Eliot hear nor care about.

No one stopped Eliot when he ran to the chief's office. He opened the office door and it slammed into the wall, almost breaking the small glass window. For a moment, Marina and Ainsley broke from their discussion to stare at a haggard Eliot, stunned. His eyes, however, were focused solely on Marina.

"Eliot?" she stuttered. Her brows raised and her eyes wide. Ainsley grew cautious as Eliot stepped toward Marina.

"Hold on a second, Eliot, Marina didn't do anything! Don't lay a hand--"

Eliot ignored Ainsley's words and continued toward Marina. He collapsed to his knees in front of her and grabbed her hands, squeezing them tightly.

"Marina," he breathed. He brushed his lips against her fingers with excessive tenderness, as if Marina were an antique porcelain doll with already a hundred fractures. "I'm so happy. I'm so happy you're safe. I'm so happy you're here." His control over composure had long since left him. Tears started to fall from his lashes and his head rested on her lap.

Marina pulled her hand away from Eliot's grasp and started combing through is dark brown hair. "I know, Eliot. I'm truly sorry. It won't ever happen again."

"Without you... without you, I lose it. I can't control myself. Marina, I love you. I love you. Without you, I can't be--"

"I know, Eliot. Shh, just calm down. I love you, too." She stroked his hair as if he were a cat. She wiped away his tears with the same fingers he kissed.

To Ainsley, it was as if the two had gone in their own world, as a married couple and as two people who absolutely could not live without each other.

Ainsley smiled meekly and scratched the back of his neck as he closed the blinds and exited the office, quietly closing the door behind him.

A younger officer went to him with the speeding ticket. "What's going on, Ainsley? Would it be all right if I go in?"

"Not at all. If you go inside, you'll never get a job in crime fighting ever again. Drop the case, Morraine. Groussé wasn't in control of himself."

The officer, Morraine, became confused. "Wouldn't that be the point? He can't control himself. Not while driving, and not while beating his wife." Morraine was absolutely certain of himself.

After watching what he just did, Ainsley thought Morraine was right off his block. Even if Ainsley had thought the same way just moments ago.


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